Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Training starts... without Manny

The second season of the Joe Torre Era is officially underway, as pitchers and catchers have reported not to Vero Beach, but to Glendale, Arizona. After reaching the NLCS last season and trading for Manny Ramirez at the trade deadline, the Dodgers are looking to retain their NL West championship and make another playoff run.

Speaking of that Ramirez guy, there's STILL nothing new to report as far as him signing. Torre chipped in during his meeting with the media on Friday (he obviously had a few things to talk about!) that he'd be surprised if he's not back with in LA. With Adam Dunn going to Washington and Bobby Abreu going to Anaheim, Manny is the lone big dog left in the kennel. Will the Dodgers finally get this thing done? Like I've said since October, we'll see.

For now, only pitchers and catchers have reported, as position players will come on Wednesday. In some good news, Chad Billingsley and Jason Schmidt are said to be fully healed and throwing bullpen sessions. Well, I'm not sure Schmidt will ever be "fully" healed, but he could be a sleeper this season.

Rafael Furcal and Delwyn Young are also there since they are technically rehabbing injuries. Raffy played winter ball and is said to be at 100%, while Young still is a bit banged up.

For those of you keeping track, the first Spring Training game will be in 11 days, which is February 25 against the Chicago Cubs.

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