Friday, February 27, 2009

Manny says no

The Dodgers thought they were on to something when Scott Boras actually seemed happy with the latest contract offer to Manny Ramirez. Instead of rejected it himself, Boras actually took this offer to Manny for his word. But in the end...

Manny Ramirez turned down yet another offer from the Dodgers.

The holdup? It's not that Manny doesn't like the 2-year, $45 million offer. It's that he doesn't want the money to be deferred. He wants all of his money this year and next. Right or wrong, he feels that he shouldn't wait until 2013 to get all of it.

Here's how it would break down: $10 million in each year from 2009-2012. The last $5 million would come in 2013.

So does Manny have a good point? Look, I'm not an expert on the current economy, but I even I know it's in the toilet. So getting $45 in 2 years seems like quite a bit of dough. I don't think it's unreasonable of the Dodgers to want to spread they payments out.

Then again, it's Manny that put the Dodgers on his back into the playoffs and past the Cubs in the Division Series. It was him that sold all of those tickets from August on. So if anyone on that team deserves to get paid like that, it's him.

The latest word is that the 2 sides will continue to talk today. I can guess that it'll all be about deferring the money. Let's see who blinks first.


Sophiedog said...

Good post on the Manny debacle. I agree that Manny helped put butts in the seats down the stretch last year... and helped the vendors sell LOTS of Manny Hats complete with dreadlocks. But as I recently blogged, its a pretty hard sell with fans collecting unemployment to hear about a ballplayer crying over getting millions in two years vs. four or five.

If and when he finally signs with the Dodgers, he's going to have a lot of bridgebuilding to do with the fans to regain their admiration.

Aaron said...

Hey Sophie, great blog. Thanks for checking mine out as well.

I definitely see your point. But I think the second Manny starts driving in runs, all is forgiven! And as I type this, it looks as if he did take the 2-year, $45 million deal, so thankfully that ordeal might be done. Let's hope so!