Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manny talks picking up

While there's no breakthroughs in the Manny Ramirez talks, GM Ned Colletti has indicated that the negotiations are becoming "more frequent and longer in duration." Whether that means he'll sign soon or not is anybody's guess.

Like always, the issue still seems to be the years. The Dodgers have held their ground on 2 years, and the Manny Camp wants at least 4. In what may be a good sign, there are indications that Manny would accept a 3-year deal with an option for a 4th.

In my mind, I think the 3-year deal with the 4th year option is what it will take to get this deal done. It'll take between $20-$25 million (probably more in the $25 range). Even with all the back-and-forth that has gone on, I'd be pretty surprised if he got 4 years guaranteed out of this.

So now the countdown to Spring Training has reached 3 days, with everyone reporting on Wednesday, February 25. Will Manny be a part of that? Let's hope so.

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