Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Manny gets an offer... and quickly rejects it

The Dodgers made their latest move in the never-ending Manny Ramirez saga, offering him a 1-year, $25 million deal. According to them, this makes sense for a couple of reasons. One, he will be the second-highest annual salary in baseball history. Two, he can return to the free agent market next year where the climate can't possibly be as bad.

So of course, Manny said no.

And the beat goes on (and on and on and on...).

With 2 weeks to go before the start of Spring Training, this situation is looking as bleak as ever. Manny (or should I say agent Scott Boras) still thinks he'll get his 4-5 year deal. With the exception of the Dodgers, he hasn't even received an official offer from another team. Both sides won't budge, so nothing is getting done.

Look, I want Manny back. But I'm getting sick and damn tired of this whole thing. Just come back or move on. This thing is dragging on worse than the annual Brett Favre retirement watch. Choose a side, stick with it, and everyone can move on and worry about the upcoming season. All of this delay is just plain old.

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