Monday, February 23, 2009

Good stuff from Schmidt in first outing

Jason Schmidt only threw an inning today during the intrasquad game, but it was an encouraging sign. He faced 4 batters and only gave up a single to Casey Blake. Juan Pierre, Mark Loretta, and Matt Kemp were all retired. Huge shock that Pierre didn't get a hit (NOT).

I didn't think I'd ever write about a guy throwing 1 inning against his own team, but in the case of Schmidt, anything positive is worth talking about. I'm glad Joe Torre had him face Major League hitters and not some Single A scrubs. Even the hit by Blake was off of Luis Maza's glove at 3rd base.

In the last year of his 3-year, $47 million contract that has been mostly flushed down the toilet to this point, you'd think that Schmidt would have the first crack at the #5 spot in the rotation. As I've talked about already, he could set himself up to be quite the sleeper if he's throwing well. I doubt many people expect him to do well (or anything for that matter), so he could be a nice bonus for the Dodgers if things go right.

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