Monday, February 11, 2008

Mark Sweeney is on his way back

Barring anything crazy happening, Mark Sweeney will come back to the Dodgers with a 1-year deal. The other choice was Tony Clark, but he has signed with the Padres, so no go on that one.

It's a good deal for LA. When you need a pinch hitter and you sign the guy who's 2nd on the all-time list, I've got to think it's a smart move. He's listed as being a 1st baseman and outfielder. I can't imagine he'd play at 1st at all considering James Loney should never come out of the game, so maybe some outfield. Mostly, he'll just take his one hack a game and call it a day.

As for Clark, he'll get more chances to play in San Diego. Granted there's Adrian Gonzalez at 1st base, but he'll still see some time. Plus, he grew up in San Diego, so it's a natural fit.

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