Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love for the NL West

I just read a GREAT article about how the NL West has turned into the most competitive division, top to bottom, in baseball. In fact, the division has been dubbed the "NL Best." Gotta love that.

While the East Coast bias will always exist (Yankees and Red Sox, in case you've been under a rock), the West has gone from being a joke in 2005 (San Diego won with an 82-80 record) to having the Rockies and Diamondbacks in the NL Championship in 2007. My, what a difference 2 years has made.

So what's been the cause for the sudden turnaround? 2 words: pitching and youth. Each team has them and will ride them to many victories this year. It's good to see teams go back to the old school method of building from within, letting those prospects get time on the field to grow, and watching them become stars for years to come. The Rocks and DBacks proved that can be done last year.

1 day into Spring Training, and I already want it to be Opening Day. I can't wait.

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