Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great gift for us loyal Dodger fans

I was cruising around the 'net searching for anything to do with the 1988 World Series, and I came across this. On March 4, A & E Home Entertainment will be releasing a 7-disc DVD set of the '88 Series. Not only will every game be in its entirety, but bonuses include:
  • Games 5 and 7 of the NLCS vs. the Mets
  • Ring ceremony
  • Locker room interviews after Gibson's home run
  • Award ceremonies for Gibson's MVP and Hershiser's Cy Young
  • Assorted game footage of winning the NL West, Hershiser's scoreless innings streak, and Jack Buck's call on Gibson's homer, among other things

I can't even wait to get this sucker ordered and start reliving my youth. I'm only 27 now, so it's not like I'm that old, but this will bring me back to my elementary days when I used to have to tape the playoffs and watch them the next day after school. Even back then, waiting so long was agony.

The coolest thing about this is that my search for any type of footage from this series is finally over. So check this out - I live a little over an hour away from Cooperstown. For God knows how long, I've tried long and hard to find memorabilia from this series. You would think the birthplace of baseball would be full of cool things, right? Guess again. With the exception of autographs which are really cool, but way too rich for my blood, there's not a damn thing at any of those shops surrounding the Hall of Fame. What to know the only thing I could find? A Coors can that had a picture of Gibson rounding the bases. That's it. Cooperstown is a great place, but trust me, if you're not a fan of the Red Sox, Yankees, or Mets, don't expect to find a bunch of your favorite team's collectables there. That's just the sad truth.

Now that my rant is over, if you're reading this and a fan of another team, there's plenty of other teams available and their WS highlights. It's really cool.

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