Monday, February 18, 2008

A couple of websites to check out

I've added a couple of additions to the site that will appear on the right underneath the projected lineups. The first is a link to the Top 100 Baseball Sites, which is something I just stumbled upon tonight. It's a listing of top baseball blogs across the 'net. I just submited my blog, and while I'm still just getting started, hopefully I'll make the cut at some point! All sorts of different team sites and fantasy sites are right there to view.

The second is a widget from MLB Trade Rumors. This is a site I visit everyday, as it's full of great rumors from all over the majors. The guy who runs the site, Tim, said a couple of weeks ago that he quit his job to run the site full-time, so I can imagine that it's become very popular (and profitable, I guess). The last 10 headlines will be constantly updated, so it's one click away. Definitely worth taking some time to read - you'll be amazed at all of the rumors this guy manages to find.


Anonymous said...

I've been subscribing to your feed for a few months and think it's a great source of Dodger information. I just noticed that you didn't have any comments on any of your posts, so I just wanted to give a quick 'good stuff' note.


Aaron said...

Matt, thanks for reading. I appreciate the good word.