Wednesday, January 23, 2008 preview: Outfielders

This week, the around-the-horn preview of the Dodgers focuses on the outfield situation. As has been talked about here, there, and everywhere, Juan Pierre is the ultimate question mark heading into the season. Given a huge contract to come to LA from the Cubs last year, he either did his job or failed miserably, depending on who you talk to. Those who focus on the positive note his 96 runs, 196 hits, and 64 stolen bases. Those on the negative side point out his 33 walks, .331 OBP, and lollipop arm in the outfield.

What most people want to see is Andre Ethier in left, Andruw Jones in center, and Matt Kemp in right. I think people need to realize that the only thing etched in stone right now is Jones in center. I really don't believe that Kemp is automatically the starter quite yet, but most likely will win that outright. No matter who starts, knowing Joe Torre, I can see him giving the veteran Pierre plenty of chances to succeed.

Next week: Starters

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