Friday, January 4, 2008

Kansas City... the home of washed up ex-LA Dodgers!

I guess Kansas City is trying their best to be Dodgers East, and the best way they can do that is by signing ex-Dodgers. The first signing came a few days ago when Chin-Hui Tsao signed a minor-league deal. Ok, not too bad of a signing, as long as they are willing to roll the dice a bit on the injury factor. He started off the year really well for LA, then completely fell apart. For a team like the Royals, it could be a good acquisition, if everything goes right.

But here's what takes the cake...... Hideo Nomo has also signed a minor-league contract. That's right, HIDEO FREAKIN' NOMO!!! Apparently he really DIDN'T fall off the face of the Earth like I thought he did years ago. Ok Kansas City, I know you're desperate for pitching in the worst way, but this is just a whole different level of crazy. Good luck with that....... you'll need it!

I really feel badly for any KC fans out there. That's gotta be painful. I mean just knowing that every night you're more than capable of posting an L has got to suck. Hang in there, fans......

...... at least you still have Kyle Davies.

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