Wednesday, January 16, 2008 preview: Middle Infielders

The 3rd part of the season preview is up, and it takes a look at 2nd base and shortstop. A grand total of 6 All-Star appearances makes up the duo of 2B Jeff Kent and SS Rafael Furcal. Both seem to be coming back this year with something to prove.

For Kent, it's that his 40-year-old, battle tested body can hold up the rigors of another long season, and that he can not be a cancer in the locker room. For Furcal, it's that he can be the all-around threat at the plate that he was in 2006, and not the guy that struggled in 2007 because of nagging ankle and back injuries. They form a solid double-play duo. As long as they stay somewhat healthy, they can still wreak plenty of havoc from both sides.

Next week: Outfielders

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