Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Another week, another mailbag up at This week's topics are why Juan Pierre could start over Andre Ethier, free agents after the '08 season, why they haven't pursued Pedro Feliz, benching Andy LaRoche if he struggles for Nomar Garciaparra, traveling to China during the last Vero Beach Spring Training, where the money comes from to sign free agents, and if signing Gary Bennett is a bad PR move.

What is interesting to read is a guy named Tito from Gardena, CA defending Pierre. He basically points out that he lead the team in many categories, and most importantly, played in every game. I can understand that logic, and acknowledge that people have been perhaps laying it on too thick this offseason in critiquing his game. If he can show any ability to get his OBP up, then he is still one of the most dangerous men in baseball on the base paths. If Etheir shows that he is the man, then by all means play him. But we should all probably just let it play out in Spring Training and the early part of the season, then start making our judgments.

And with all of that said, here's the mailbag.

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