Wednesday, January 9, 2008 preview: Corner Infielders

The 2nd of 7 installments of the Dodgers' roster is up, and this time looks at 1st and 3rd base. 1st base is obviously wrapped up, with James Loney proving he was worth the trouble of moving Nomar Garciaparra to 3rd base. He should be a building block for years to come.

Over at 3rd base, the situation is much different. I talked about Nomar yesterday and his quest to regain the starting nod. Andy LaRoche is the other X factor in all of this, and he has shown just as much, if not more, promise than Loney in the minors. Can he translate that into big league success? So far, it's been anywhere from a "we'll see" to "no." He hasn't proved he can handle being an everyday 3rd baseman yet, from a production and injury standpoint. Time will certainly tell.

Next week: Middle infield

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