Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watch Dodgers-Rockies on today

The Dodgers will be taking on the Rockies in a game being broadcast on at 4:05 ET today. The Spring Training games are free of charge. It's the regular season that charges and arm and a leg.

Claudio Vargas gets the start, and he's still one of the candidates for that 5th starter job. Manny Ramirez is expected to be in left field after being denied action against the Brewers yesterday because they didn't allow the DH. No big deal.

I tried to look up if the rest of the Spring schedule lists what games are online, but they weren't listed. I'm still checking to see when ESPN will say what games are being shown on Opening Day, but they haven't listed those yet either.

There could be a chance the Dodgers are on considering it'll be Manny Ramirez vs. Jake Peavy, a fun matchup to watch. Even if it's not on ESPN, keep in mind that the first week of the season, the MLB Extra Innings package is in free preview mode, so you can watch it there.

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