Friday, March 27, 2009

No love from ESPN on Opening Day

I was hoping ESPN would show the Dodgers' Opening Day game again, but that just won't happen this year. ESPN does have 5 games on, but they won't be including the Dodgers on April 6.

The games they will have on are Mets-Reds, Rays-Red Sox, Yankees-Orioles, Cubs-Astros, and A's-Angels. Those are all good games, although when you live in New York like I do, I may as well just say that 3 games will be on since the Mets and Yankees will be blacked out. So ESPNEWS, here I come!

Oh well, at least we can count on the free preview of the MLB Extra Innings package if you haven't previously ordered it already. The free preview lasts from April 6-12. Not a bad deal.

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