Monday, March 16, 2009

Cross Schmidt off the 5th starter list

The Dodgers will eventually find a 5th starter for the beginning of the regular season, but it won't be Jason Schmidt. Even before pitching the first 2 innings today, he was eliminated from competition because his body isn't reacting to the 5-day cycle.

The good news is that he is pitching, which has been a rarity the last 2 years. But, not shockingly at all, his body just can't handle being a starter. Joe Torre made it sound like down the line he will be able to handle it, but not now. That could be true, but excuse for me for not exactly being optimistic about this.

From what Schmidt has said, the problem isn't the actual day he's pitching, it's the days in between. So if you want to be more positive than me, you could just look at it from the view of him building up his endurance and strength after so much time off.

I don't know... I just can't help but think this will be a total wash once again. I know he's got a ton of money left to pay, but how can you keep a guy who can't even pitch on 5 days rest? Seems to be that it would be pretty hard to do.

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