Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So.... what's the deal with Kuroda?

My how this story has quickly taken many twists and turns. One side has said it's a done deal, the other says, "Give me a break, he's still making up his mind." Here's the links of stuff I have found:

He's a Dodger:
Tony Jackson of the LA Daily News
The Kyoko News from Japan

Slow down there turbo! No deal yet:
Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times
Yahoo Sports

I'm still reading how the Diamondbacks remain in the running. And here's an interesting note - the ROYALS have also made a big offer, looks like 4 years/$44 million. Where did that money come from? It probably doesn't matter since I have yet to see a thing about mutual interest for KC.

As usual, stay tuned.

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