Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rumor updates

Not much going on right now as far as the Dodgers trading for other big names. Here's rundown of what I've read about on various sites:

Ben Sheets and Bill Hall (Brewers) - USA Today had this tidbit a couple of days ago about a possible move. Bill Hall has been an outfielder, but I'm sure he could still be an option at 3rd base considering he's had experience there as well. However, the story was put to rest early today.

Pedro Feliz (Giants) - Another option for 3rd base, and it's not all that weird if you look at his numbers. He's hit at least 20 home runs the last 4 years, with his best season in 2006 where he had 22 homers and 98 RBI's. He's also been praised for his slick glove work. It could be possible. I would think the Giants would do what it takes to resign him considering their offense is pathetic.

Eric Bedard (Orioles) - A couple of days ago, it looked real close to happening, but not much happening since then. Supposedly Matt Kemp and Jonothan Broxton were involved, which fills needs for the O's. With the Dodgers having 4 legit starting outfielders in Jones, Pierre, Kemp, and Either, maybe talks will resume. Will they want to part with Broxton? That would be tough. He has closer written all over him.

Johan Santana (Twins) - Well, it sure looked like the Red Sox had him all but wrapped up. That was after the Yankees did. So far, nothing. I remember reading towards the end of last season that the Dodgers were hot on his trails in a package for Kemp, LaRoche, and possible a couple others. It looks like the ship has sailed on this one.

Scott Rolen (Cardinals) - I think Rolen's best days are long behind him, but apparently others do not. Last year he only played in 112 games and his a paltry 8 home runs and 58 RBI's. The year before he played in 142 games and had a respectable 22/95. Will he ever be healthy enough again to be a big time run producer? I just don't see it happening. But, with the ever-growing feud between LaRussa and him, a trade does look to be in the works. Let's just hope the Dodgers aren't that team.

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