Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Raffy getting his mojo back

I just got done reading a good article about Rafael Furcal and his rehab from last year's injury-riddled season. From those of you that don't remember, he had a sore shoulder to start spring training, then hurt his left ankle chasing after a ball in a meaningless exhibition game. That one play completely turned his whole season around. He appeared in 138 games and hit .270 with 25 stolen bases. Decent numbers for some leadoff men, but not for a former All-Star like Furcal.

Now, he's playing in the Dominican winter league and training 5 days a week. The early word is that so far, so good. He describes himself as feeling like a new man, which is music to this Dodger fan's ears. A healthy Raffy at the top of the order getting on base and causing trouble means so much towards the Dodgers' success, just like in 2006. Let's hope he gets to Yankee Stadium for the All-Star game this year.

Courtesy of the LA Times, here's the article.

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