Monday, January 19, 2009

Repko back for another year

Jason Repko avoided arbitration by agreeing to a 1-year/$500,000 deal. It'll pay him another $90,000 for plate appearance incentives. So in other words, he won't earn a penny over $500,000.

Repko has never been able to put it all together with the big club, but the Dodgers seem determined to make it happen. In only 22 games last year, he hit a paltry .167. I remember he made his debut on June 30 in Houston and hit leadoff, then promptly went 0-5 with 4 K's in one of the worst hitting performances I've ever seen (save for every game that Andruw Jones played in). He didn't even get his first hit until September 2.

Even with last season being terrible, he's still very fast and can be a threat on the bases if he were to ever figure out a way to stay healthy and take advantage of that speed. If Manny Ramirez signs and Juan Pierre is kept aboard, then playing time could be real scarce. If 1 of the 2 are gone, then he's got a better chance.

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