Friday, January 16, 2009

The 5th starter could be... Troncoso?

Here's a name that I don't think anyone would have guessed for a starting rotation spot - Ramon Troncoso. That's the talk as the Dodgers still haven't signed another starting pitcher to fill that spot.

Other than the fact that the Dodgers haven't acquired anyone yet, the main reason for the change would be the club's desire to keep James McDonald in relief. McDonald's relief stint during the postseason was so good, they figure they won't mess with it. He's an exciting young pitcher, so his time as a starter may one day come anyway.

As for Troncoso, he pretty much came out of nowhere last year to make the team's roster out of Spring Training. In 2 Major League stints, he posted a 4.26 ERA with 38 K's in 38 IP. As a rookie, I thought he was pretty good. Definitely can improve, but he will be only 26 once the season starts.

This could all be just talk, so who knows what will happen. But they are making him start in winter ball, as he's done so 4 times, going as long as 5 innings. Seems like they are preparing themselves for it to happen.

It's hard to say what to expect from this, so stay tuned.

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