Tuesday, September 30, 2008

25-man roster all set for the NLDS

I guess it won't take until tomorrow to find out the roster for the NLDS against the Chicago Cubs. Here you go:

Derek Lowe - S/RH
Chad Billingsley - S/RH
Hiroki Kuroda - S/RH
Greg Maddux - LR/RH
Clayton Kershaw - LR/LH
Ramon Troncoso - R/RH
Cory Wade - R/RH
Joe Beimel - R/LH
Chan Ho Park - R/RH
Jonathan Broxton - C/RH
Takashi Saito - C/RH

Key: S = Starter, LR = Long Reliever, R = Reliever, C = Closer

Russell Martin - C
Danny Ardoin - C
James Loney - 1B
Nomar Garciaparra - 1B/Utility
Blake DeWitt - 2B
Jeff Kent - 2B
Rafael Furcal - SS
Angel Berroa - SS
Casey Blake - 3B
Manny Ramirez - LF
Matt Kemp - CF
Andre Ethier - RF
Juan Pierre - OF
Pablo Ozuna - Utility

So there you have it. The biggest surprise in my mind was taking Ramon Troncoso over Scott Proctor. I had talked plenty about how good Proctor looked when he came back from injury... then promptly got hit around hard against San Francisco in the last weekend. Torre likes Troncoso's sinkerball, and facing so many right-handed hitters this series, it makes sense.

The other surprise might be seeing Pablo Ozuna's name, but I think Torre had hinted all along that he would go in that direction. Mark Sweeney could have easily taken this spot, but after hitting .130, he played his way right out of that role. Delwyn Young was another player on the fence that just misses out.

With 11 pitchers, the lone lefty on the bench is Pierre, which could be a problem, but we will see.

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