Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McDonald replaces Troncoso

Here's a surprise that I'm sure young James McDonald never thought he'd hear: he will replace Ramon Troncoso as the final man on the 25-man roster for the NLDS. Joe Torre had originally said it would be Troncoso over Scott Proctor, but obviously changed his mind after a night thinking about it.

I guess the thinking is that McDonald has a fresh, young arm that hitters aren't familiar with yet. I can go for that. I'm not sure what the chances of him pitching a meaningful inning is, but we shall see.

He's only appeared in 4 games, but they've all been good. Twice he's pitched 2 innings, and twice 1, and hasn't given up a run in any of them. 5 hits and 1 walk in 6 innings is great. True, it's not exactly a big piece of the season that we're judging him on, but I think he's earned his way to the postseason. Good for him.

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