Monday, September 29, 2008

Key postseason questions for the Dodgers

I'm kicking around a bunch of different thoughts running through my head about the playoffs. In my view, here's some questions the Dodgers will be faced come gametime on Wednesday:
  • Will Derek Lowe continue his great pitching over the second half of the season and be a true ace in Game 1?
  • If Lowe falls, will Chad Billingsley step up to the pressure of Wrigley Field and a deficit and get the job done?
  • Can Manny pick up where he left off in his Red Sox career and be a postseason hero?
  • Will Andre Ethier continue his red-hot hitting when it most counts?
  • Can Russell Martin limit the Cubs' running game?
  • What roles to Rafael Furcal and Jeff Kent play? Can they accept not being starters?
  • Will Blake DeWitt and Angel Berroa control the middle of the infield and give production at the bottom of the order?
  • Will the loss of Hong-Chih Kuo be too much of a hole to fill?
  • Can Jonathan Broxton handle being a closer in the postseason, even with little experience in his career?
  • Is Takashi Saito ready to resume a big role in late innings?
  • What happens if a 4th starter is needed? Can Greg Maddux be the Mad Dog, or a postseason flop late in his career?
  • Can the Dodgers at least get one win on the road before returning home to LA?
I know, that's a lot of questions, but they are important. I still have not seen a finalized 25-man roster for the first round, so who knows if someone like Greg Maddux will even be in the mix. I'll let you know when I do.

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