Sunday, April 20, 2008

Braves own the Dodgers yet again

Here's some numbers to look at regarding the last 3 games in Atlanta:

3 runs
17 hits
20 K's
1-23 with RISP
52 runners left on base
23 runners left to end an inning

Now here's a look at how some of our "superstars" did:

Andre Ethier: 2-10, 2 K
Nomar Garciaparra: 0-8
Matt Kemp: 1-8, 2 K
Jeff Kent: 2-7, K
James Loney: 0-12, 5K
Russell Martin: 1-8, HR, 2 K
Andruw Jones: 2-8, HR, 5 K

So there you have it. They'd keep the game close early, but when it came time to get a big hit and take over, they looked helpless. The Braves totally outplayed them in every way imaginable. Plain and simple.

Needless to say, I'm embarrassed. In fact, this 3-game series was one of the most embarrassing series I can ever recall the Dodgers playing in recent memory, and that's saying something. They've lost before, but to look as lifeless and pathetic as they have is inexcusable.

Despite not being too sharp all game, Hiroki Kuroda tried his best to keep them in the game, and he only gave up 2 runs in 6 innings. That would normally be enough to win, but nope... not the Dodgers. Bad swing after bad swing after bad swing. I can't believe I once said that their lineup is "deep." Ya, they're deep enough to have everyone look terrible, not just certain guys.

So instead of sending a message to rest of the league that they are capable of beating good teams on the road, they are once again a complete laughingstock. I have a feeling Ned Colletti will start feeling the heat that his big free agent signings haven't done well, perhaps rightfully so. But what is forgotten is that people were screaming to keep the "young guys" and let them grow and develop. Well, he's kept them, and they suck right now. What's he supposed to do?

The Dodgers not only lose, but look unwatchable in the process. Thank God I'm a Lakers fan and I could just turn off the Dodgers game today. Like I said the other day, you can make changes to the front office and coaching staff, but it's up to the players to perform. They haven't done that in the least bit.

I sincerely hope each and every hitter walks up to not only Joe Torre but the entire pitching staff as well and apologizes for their pathetic performance. That's the least they can do.

Obviously I'm not involved with the team in any way, but I can honestly question their work ethic right now, because it sucks. Until they decide to change the way they approach the game, they will continue to be the most underachieving team in the league.

Gosh, what a great start to the season...

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