Thursday, April 4, 2013

News on my updated and upgraded blog

With the start of the new season, I've spent some time recently updating the look of my blog.  Here's a few of the changes and new gadgets that you can now find when you visit my site:
  • A look at game day weather.
  • A continuously updated look at the NL West standings.
  • A detailed (and because it's from, a VERY detailed) breakdown of that day's pitching matchup, which is found right underneath the next game.
  • Various links to the full schedule, all of the minor league sites, where to buy tickets, video highlights, top prospects, and some team stats, among other things.
In addition, I have created a Facebook page for this site, which you can click on and "Like" for updates.  I also post quite often on my Twitter page, especially during games.  I'm always looking for new followers and fans!

What hasn't changed is that his site will bring you tons of news, information, and opinions on the Dodgers.  Just with a new look and few more toys to play around with!

I hope you enjoy the new look.  Happy reading, and go Dodgers!

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