Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lilly awful, Dodgers crushed by Rockies

In case you didn't hear, Ted Lilly threw a batting practice session at Dodger Stadium on Monday night.

Unfortunately, it was during the game and the Rockies showed up.

Four batters into the game, it was already over as the Rockies were quickly up 4-0.  They ended up winning a laugher, 12-2.  Things got so bad that Skip Schumaker was called into action to pitch the ninth.  What's even worse?  He tossed a scoreless inning, something Lilly and the horrendous Josh Wall couldn't even dream of doing.

Yes, folks, it's "A Whole New Blue" where the utility infielder pitches better than two members of the staff.  Sad.

Lilly began his BP session by giving up a solo homer to Dexter Fowler leading off.  Jordan Pacheco singled and Carlos Gonzalez doubled, which led to a three-run shot by Wilin Rosario, and it was 4-0.

The Rockies stranded the bases loaded in the second, but scored again in the third.  Lilly again loaded the bases, then issued a walk to Fowler to make it 5-0.

That was it for Lilly, who could not have possibly been any worse.  Man, that was tough to watch.  And just in case you thought things indeed could not get any worse, enter young Josh Wall.

To say Wall got lit up would be the ultimate understatement.  He gave up five more in the fourth.  Josh Rutledge hit an RBI single, starting pitcher Tyler Chatwood hit a two-run single, and Pacheco a two-run ground rule double.

A two-run homer by young phenom Nolan Arenado in the sixth was the icing on the cake, as an already empty Dodger Stadium actually became emptier at 12-0.

The only offensive highlight for the Dodgers was a two-out, two-run homer by Jerry Hairston in the seventh, which drastically cut into the Rockies' lead to make it 12-2.  Close one!  And what's even funnier is that Hairston's at-bat shouldn't have even happened because Rutledge committed an error to start the inning.

Even though the Rockies came into this one dropping six of their last eight, you just got the feeling before the game even started that the Dodgers could be in for a long night.  Hanley Ramirez was activated from the 15-day DL, which is great, but he wasn't starting.  Clayton Kershaw has been placed on the Bereavement List for mysterious reasons.  That has nothing to do with this game, but it seems like a downer.

Then you looked at the lineup and saw the names of Schumaker, Justin Sellers, and Luis Cruz in it.  They are hitting a combined 23-for-155 for a .148 average.  That is so embarrassing, I don't even know what else to say.  Well, other than good luck scoring runs with bums like them in the lineup.

Lilly obviously had an awful night, and it's another reminder of why he worries me so much.  Look, I give him all sorts of credit for winning 130 games in his career, and for approaching the 2000 inning mark.  But there are times when it literally does look like he throwing batting practice to the other team.  Monday was one of those times.  I just don't see any reason why opposing hitters should be fearful of him.  He doesn't even look like he's reaching 90 MPH on his fastball!  It's like golfers taking their drivers and teeing off at will.  It looks that easy.

The only positive is that I've also said this in the past, then he goes on a run where he puts up solid numbers.  I have serious doubts about that right now, but I'm also trying not to overreact to one bad start.  My fear, of course, is that this will lead to more bad outings.  We shall see.

And speaking of "bad," it's time to put Wall out of his misery.  In seven innings, he has an 18.00 ERA and 3.29 WHIP.  Holy crap!  I don't care if he has "good stuff," he's getting absolutely demolished each time he takes the mound.  There has got to be somebody down on the farm who can take these innings instead of this guy.

About the only thing a team can do when they get creamed like this is brush themselves off, put it behind them, and go to work the next day.  That's exactly what the Dodgers will try to do as they send Hyun-Jin Ryu to the mound on Tuesday.

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