Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Furcal thing is getting confusing...

It seems like everyday, there's a new "Rafael Furcal is on the verge of signing with..." rumor. Today it got even crazier.

"Sources" were spreading word that Furcal was about to sign with his old team, the Atlanta Braves, by today. The deal was something around 3 years/$30 million with an option for a 4th. Just like his signing with the Oakland A's a week or so ago, this was a done deal. Signed, sealed, and delivered. Furcal is as good as gone!

So of course that meant that this thing isn't done yet. Now comes word that nothing has been signed, and the Dodgers are still in the mix. The holdup, like it has been since day one, has been the amount of years desired (4) and the amount of years offered (2). And neither side appears to be budging from that.

My guess is that Raffy really doesn't want to leave LA, or he would have been gone already. He must be holding out every hope that the Dodgers kick in another year guaranteed, which doesn't seem like it'll happen. He must have some nice property near Dodger Stadium.

As always, I'll keep you posted...

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