Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blake on his way back to Dodgers

Casey Blake appears to be on his way back to the Dodgers, signing a 3-year/$17 million deal earlier today. After being acquired from the Cleveland Indians towards the trade deadline last year, Blake played a key role in pushing the Dodgers to the postseason.

There was plenty of doubt if any of the left side of the infield from the postseason would be back for 2009, but now it looks as if only Rafael Furcal is in limbo. Signing Blake gives the Dodgers the comfort of not having to make a trade for another 3rd baseman, such as an Adrian Beltre, and they can now focus on their other needs.

In 58 games with the Dodgers after the trade, Blake didn't exactly set the world on fire with a .251 AVG and .313 OBP. But, he's a career .264/.334 guy, so I expect him to pick up those numbers now that he's more familiar with the National League. Even more encouraging was his .985 fielding % in 56 starts at 3rd base - obviously a great number.

Depending on who is signed to beef up the offense (like that Manny guy), Blake will probably be about a 5-7 hitter, which is where he's most useful.

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