Friday, November 14, 2008

Manny's deal pulled, but talks ongoing

The window for the Dodgers to have exclusive rights to resigning Manny Ramirez has just expired. So too does the 2-year/$45 million deal that was offered that could have gone up to 3 and $60. No need to fret, my dear Dodger fans, talks will be ongoing.

Such is life when dealing with agent Scott Boras. The chances of Manny taking the deal after not checking out the rest of the league was very slim in the first place. Therefore, this is definitely not a surprise. After the torrid way that Manny finished this season, only an idiot wouldn't at least check out what everyone else has to say.

The biggest obstacle remains the length of the deal and not the money. Supposedly, he's still pushing for a 6-year deal, which is highly unlikely to happen, especially in the National League without the DH. And with the recent history of giving long-term contracts to injured goods (see Schmidt, Jason) or average players (see Pierre, Juan), the Dodgers are only being smart in looking at the short term.

I haven't seen many teams that want Manny, obviously because of the contract. But I have seen the Mets, Yankees, and Angels as the other teams. The Yankees are set to offer C.C. Sabathia a 6-year/$140 million deal (Holy S*&^*&!!!), so if that contract is signed, I would think even the Yankees would have to pull out of a run at Manny. If the Angels lose Mark Teixeira, then they could be all about getting Manny. The Mets could do it just to get that added boost to finally get over the hump and into the playoffs.

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