Monday, November 24, 2008

Billingsley takes a fall

In some freak news that broke over the weekend, Chad Billingsley was the victim of some bad weather by slipping on ice and breaking his left fibula in his home in Reading, Pennsylvania. He's already had surgery and the word right now is that he'll be fine for Spring Training. Phew...

This is just the latest bad news to his the Dodgers rotation since the end of the season. Derek Lowe won't be back, ditto for Brad Penny, and Greg Maddux looks like he'll returning. Thankfully, this happened before December started, so there will be plenty of time to heal before pitchers and catchers report in mid-February.

Here's a piece of advice for Bills... why the hell do you still live in Pennsylvania? Move to LA! Geez, I live in New York and I nearly slipped on my driveway just a little while ago going to my car. Maybe he'll rethink his offseason living arrangements after this.

I do feel badly for him, obviously for busting up his leg, but this is just the latest bad news to hit him since his season ended with a thud in the NLCS. He didn't do anything right in Game 2 or Game 5, and now he breaks his leg. Man, that's tough.

Let's not forget just how good of a season he did have, though. 16-10, 3.14 ERA, 201 K's. Despite the setbacks, hopefully he's primed to get even better next season. He definitely should have a chip on his shoulder after the way this season ended.

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