Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Don't expect to see Hanley back in 2015

The days of Hanley Ramirez in Dodger blue appear to be over.

On Monday, the Dodgers extended a qualifying offer to their shortstop, which is for one year and $15.3 million.  The reason the Dodgers did this was so they could be awarded a supplemental draft pick in case he rejects the deal and walks.

And guess what?  It looks as if Hanley will walk.

Accepting this deal would not only represent a pay cut from $16 million, but would obviously be less than the multi-year deal he is seeking.  The Dodgers have made it clear that while they would welcome him back next season, his history of injuries and defensive liabilities is simply too much to ignore anymore.

Never say never, but consider this: in the last two off-seasons, 22 big league players have been given qualifying offers.  All 22 of them rejected it.

I wouldn't expect Hanley to be any different.  He still has plenty of talent at the plate when he's healthy, and can at least slide over to third if a club wants, a position he's played in the past with the Marlins.

We will have to wait and see what Hanley ultimately decides to do, as he has seven days to decide whether or not to accept the one-year deal.  What should also be noted is that he's still eligible to sign with the Dodgers even if he rejects the deal.

The chances of that happening?  Slim and none.

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