Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kershaw's ready for a pitch-off!

Here's a cool little story involving my favorite pitcher and yours, Clayton Kershaw.

If you're a follower of the Little League World Series like I am, then you've heard about young Mo'ne Davis, who pitched Philadelphia all the way to Williamsport with a blazing fastball and nasty breaking ball (sound familiar, Dodger fans?).  Pretty cool right?

Oh by the way, Mo'ne is a girl.

That's right, Mo'ne is the Big Dog of Little League right now, and has a chance to rule the world based on her performance these next couple of weeks in Williamsport.  What a great story that is.

Mo'ne is feeling so good, in fact, that she's openly challenged Kershaw to what she described as a "pitch-off."

Check out Kershaw's response to her.  I don't care what it takes, the Dodgers need to make this thing happen!

Good luck to Mo'ne and all the other participants in Williamsport.  And good luck to Kershaw, who's going to need it against her!

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