Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brian Wilson should not be the setup man

Can I possibly state that any clearer?

After watching the way he nearly handed away the Memorial Day game in Dodger Stadium, a mere minutes after Hyun-Jin Ryu flirted with a perfect game into the eighth inning, it's obvious that changes need to be made.

Yes, I know he's a former stud closer on a World Series championship team.

Yes, I know he's a three-time All-Star.

Yes, I know last season he was fantastic for the Dodgers in the home stretch, giving up one earned run in 24 games between the regular season and playoffs.

But no, I do not think that should CONSTANTLY earn him the right to pitch as the setup man in close games.  For whatever reason, he's just not the same player anymore.  Period.

Take a look at what happened Monday night.  The Dodgers were up 4-0 going into the eighth, and Todd Frazier broke up Ryu's bid for history with a leadoff double.  Soon the Reds put one on the board with two men on and one out.  In came Wilson.

It started off well, as Devin Mesoraco struck out.  All Wilson had to do was get another out and the Dodgers would still in comfortable control.  Instead, Skip Schumaker walked on a full count, and Billy Hamilton, perhaps the weakest player in all of baseball, hit a two-run double to make it 4-3.

And for the icing on the cake, Zack Cozart walked on four straight pitches to put the leading run on base.  Thankfully Kenley Jansen put out the fire by striking out Brandon Phillips, and soon getting through the ninth unscathed for his 15th save.

Quite frankly, Wilson was pathetic and embarrassing all at the same time.  If he wants the ball in these types of situations, he can't give up doubles to a tiny leadoff hitter, and walk a pair.  Somehow through all of that he wasn't even charged with a run, so his one out LOWERED his ERA to 7.56.  Oh joy.

I know the Dodgers aren't going to release him, because if they never did can Brandon League after all of the bad outings he's been through, then Wilson's going nowhere.  But please, please, PLEASE stop putting him in as the setup man.  That ship has sailed.  Donnie Baseball, just let it go!


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