Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sloppy, lifeless Dodgers play sloppy, lifeless baseball

Resulting in a sloppy, lifeless loss, of course.

On an afternoon where the Dodgers were seeking franchise win #10,000, the Rockies out-hit, out-pitched, and certainly out-defended them 6-1.  The Dodgers finish up their homestand at a disappointing 4-6.  Maybe the road will do them some good, we hope.

There were so many negatives about this game, I'm not sure where to start.  Hyun-Jin Ryu is great on five days' rest, not so much on four days.  He's also great on the road, not so much at home.  Guess what today was?  Four days' rest and a home start.  He lasted five innings for six runs on nine hits.  The Rockies didn't look fooled by him much.

The offense spun their wheels a lot.  The only exciting thing was a leadoff bunt single by Dee Gordon, who soon stole third and scored on Adrian Gonzalez's RBI single.  That was pretty much it until they loaded the bases in the ninth, only to see Yasiel Puig bounce into a forceout at third, mercifully ending the game.

But the biggest negative was the defense.  Three more errors gives them 26 on the season, which is just way too many.  The ones they had today could have easily been avoided, too.  Justin Turner had a bad throw on a bounce to first that Gonzalez couldn't glove, which went out of play.  Matt Kemp was too late to react to a soft fly ball and dropped it like a Little Leaguer.  Ryu couldn't field a little bunt to his left.  It was really sad to watch.

Committing so many errors is already bad enough, but it's magnified even more when the offense just can't score any damn runs.  I know Hanley Ramirez sat out with his thumb injury, but the rest of the guys were so dead, I doubt it mattered much.  One night after they hit a couple of homers, it was right back to the grind and struggle of getting anything across the board.

I'm very happy to see them hit the road for a little while, as they're 8-3 on the road, including the two wins in Australia to open the season.  For whatever reason, they just had such a hard time getting going in LA.  Maybe a trip to play the Twins, Marlins, and Nationals will do them some good.

They're going to need to straighten things out on the road anyway, because the first series back home starting on May 8 is against the Giants for four.

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