Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scioscia, Cano, and Lincecum - all Dodgers in 2014?

AJ Mass of ESPN Rumor Central has a blog post up today looking at who the Dodgers might look to acquire for next season (Insider only).  More specifically, who might create the "big splash" buzz the Dodgers could look to unveil in their home opener on April 4 against the Giants.

Here are the three names he discussed:

Mike Scioscia.  This one makes sense for many reasons.  While Don Mattingly is definitely not on thin ice anymore like he was back in May, he still is without a contract past this season.  The Dodgers were not willing to extend it before this season, so say the Dodgers get bounced easily in the first round, perhaps he's still sent packing.  Scioscia may or may not be clashing with Angels' management, and with the disaster that was this year's campaign, could be looking for a fresh start in his old stomping grounds.

My Take.  I'm split on this, but if both sides can reach a happy medium, then it could go down.  Scioscia is signed through 2018, but Mass mentions the possibility of trading someone like Andre Ethier to get it done.  While that would be unusual, it's not out of the question either.  Let's see how far the Dodgers play in the month of October first.

Robinson Cano.  He's the big dog in this year's free agent class.  With Alex Rodriguez facing suspension in 2014, Derek Jeter's ankle a huge question, and Mariano Rivera calling it quits, Cano could quickly become the face of the franchise if he stays.  But if he goes, and assuming Mattingly stays, there's a great reason to switch coasts and play on a team with a brighter future on paper.

My Take.  I just can't see this happening.  Living in New York, I see just how valuable Cano is to the Yankees.  I think they'll do whatever it takes to retain him.  Hey, I'd love to see his power and glove at second, but I'm not betting on it.

Tim Lincecum.  Yes, really.  This would hardly be considered a "big" signing anymore, but the argument Mass makes is that he's a younger upgrade over Chris Capuano, which is certainly true.  Now imagine if the Dodgers sign Big Time Timmy Jim and resign Brian Wilson.  That would be really weird!

My Take.  Sure, why not?  I think Rick Honeycutt would love to work with someone like Lincecum, just for the challenge of getting him back on track.  I think it's safe to say he won't win Cy Young awards anymore, but he would also benefit from working with guys like Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke as well.  Plus, if Chad Billingsley and/or Josh Beckett aren't ready to go when the season starts, then maybe Lincecum is given a long look to see what he can do.

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