Friday, July 5, 2013

Capuano, League, and Belisario all pitched...

So take a wild guess what happened?

The four-game winning streak came to a halt 9-5, as the Rockies got all the big hits with runners on, while the Dodgers did not.  And oh yeah, anytime you see the three pitchers listed above as appearing in the same game, you know it's a loss.

The game started off well for the Dodgers, as Matt Kemp hit a two-run bomb to left center in the second to go up 2-1.  With Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez playing as well as they are, if Kemp can keep going (two homers in two games), then look out.  This team can do some serious damage.

Of course, the age old problem of driving runners in came back to haunt them in the early inning.  After Kemp homered, Tim Federowicz and Nick Punto each singled.  Capuano failed to advance Federowicz to third when he was tagged out, and Mark Ellis and Puig both struck out.

In the third, the bases became loaded with one out when Adrian Gonzalez singled, Ramirez walked, and Kemp singled.  Federowicz had a horrible at-bat by popping up and Punto struck out, tossing his helmet and bat in frustration.

That was a huge momentum changer, as the Rockies pounded Capuano in the third.  Three straight singles started the inning, as pitcher Jhoulys Chacin had the first one.  The red hot Michael Cuddyer had the big blow with a two-run double, and Wilin Rosario's sac-fly RBI made it 5-2.

Capuano was chased with one out in the fifth as Josh Rutledge was on second with a leadoff double.  In came Brandon League, and if you recall, Don Mattingly said he'd only be used if it was a non-pressure situation.  Well, pressure or not, it didn't make one bit of difference.  He was absolutely horrendous once again, as three of the four batters he faced reached base, with Rosario and Todd Helton picking up RBI singles.  J.P. Howell had to get the last out, but by then it was 8-2.

The Dodgers tried to chip away here and there, but never seriously threatened the rest of the way.  Puig picked up his only hit of the night in the sixth, an RBI single to center.  A day after leaving the game because of crashing into the wall, it was good just to see him in the lineup.  Gonzalez had an RBI double, then added a solo homer in the ninth, but the game was long decided by then.

The bats definitely blew huge opportunities in the early stages, as the runners left on base in the second and third was something they never recovered from.  I guess they could've used a couple of those 10 extra-base hits from the night before.  It didn't happen, and as a result, 11 men were left on compared to the Rockies' five.

Despite the number of men left on, this game was barely winnable in the first place with Capuano on the mound.  Boy has he crashed and burned of late.  After a horrific start last Friday in getting pounded by the Phillies 16-1, he only lasted 4 1/3 innings in this one for seven hits, six runs (five earned), one walk, and three strikeouts.  I know it's Coors Field, but he still stunk.

Capuano actually had two straight great starts against the Yankees and Padres before getting crushed in these last two.  His ERA has shot up over a run from 4.09 to 5.19.  For a guy with a history of slowing down in the second half (3.82 before, 4.94 after), you can bet the trade rumors for guys like Ricky Nolasco and Matt Garza will only heat up more.  And rightfully so because Capuano should not be starting games anymore.  He's terrible.

Then there's League, who's somehow worse.  Can you imagine that?  He's gotten so bad, you can't help but possibly feel bad for him.  Then you remember he's getting paid $5.5 million this season, and your sympathy probably goes away.  His ERA and WHIP have gone all the way up to 6.37 and 1.62.  Wow is he just awful.

Belisario had a scoreless inning.  Yes, you really did just read that.  Then again, there was no lead to blow as the Dodgers were down 9-4 at the time.  He lowered his WHIP all the way to 1.68.  That's awesome!

Even with the loss, the Dodgers took two of three on the road, which is something they've struggled with big time.  They now head to San Francisco for three.  I don't care how much the Giants are struggling right now, these games are always tough.  Hyun-Jin Ryu gets the call against Matt Cain.

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