Friday, June 28, 2013

Cruz's Day of Reckoning has arrived

It took the Dodgers 78 games, but they finally let Luis Cruz out of his misery.

With Scott Van Slyke being activated from the 15-day DL on Friday, the Dodgers officially designated Cruz for assignment.  The move was a forgone conclusion now that people are finally starting to get healthy.

It's shocking to know that the Dodgers don't have any use for a guy hitting .127 with one homer and six RBIs in 45 games.  Just take a moment and let those numbers sink in.  He's been to the plate 118 times and has 15 hits to show for it.  15!  You'd think he'd accidentally get like 20 or so.  Nope.

This is a move that's long overdue, but with the injuries coming in waves for the Dodgers, they almost had to keep him in the big leagues just for a healthy body.  But make no mistake about it - for every bit as bad as Juan Uribe was the previous two seasons, Cruz may have been worse this year.  It's close, but he may actually have done it.

There's no way in H E double hockey sticks that another team will put a claim in on him, so expect him to be assigned to Albuquerque in 10 days.  And who knows, maybe he gives the Dodgers a spark down the stretch like he did last year.  That seems about as likely as Brandon League pitching a perfect ninth, but crazy things can happen.

As for Van Slyke, he'll be relied upon late in game for a power bat off the bench.  He can also spell Adrian Gonzalez at first, and good for him too considering the last thing the Dodgers need is more outfielders.  Keep in mind Carl Crawford is due back soon, so I would guess Van Slyke is dusting off his first baseman's mitt right about now.

Either way, best of luck to Cruz, and it's good to see Van Slyke back.

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