Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Greinke starts Wednesday as Beckett gets DL'd

The answer to the previous post: Zack Greinke will come off the 15-day DL and start Wednesday night in Dodger Stadium against the Nationals.  Switching places with him will be Josh Beckett, who has a left groin strain.

With the way the Dodgers have disappointed this season, I'm not surprised that Greinke isn't getting another rehab outing.  He's their big money investment (well, one of many anyway) and if he's good to go, why not put him out there?  I'm still nervous that it's too soon, but hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

A day after Clayton Kershaw once again showed the world why he's the best pitcher in baseball, it will be cool to see Greinke go right after him.  That was the original plan coming out of Spring Training, but with Greinke's elbow acting up, he had to be pushed back a few days.  Of course, now that Kershaw threw 132 pitches on Tuesday and is getting an extra day of rest, who knows if they will remain back-to-back.

As for Beckett, it's obvious that he's just a shell of his former self.  Is it because of his groin, or because he's just plain washed up?  I'm fearing it's a little of both, as his 0-5 record and 5.19 ERA in eight starts are just pitiful numbers.  I really thought he was going to have a good season, but then again, I also thought Luis Cruz would be good, so that shows what I know.

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