Monday, February 18, 2013

The shock of shocks: Kershaw will go on Opening Day

Don Mattingly has already made his first "big" decision of the 2013 season.  And by "big," I mean incredibly easy. 

Clayton Kershaw will get his third consecutive start on Opening Day, going up against the world champion Giants at home April 1.  He becomes the first Dodger to do so since Derek Lowe pulled the trick from 2005-2007.  I don't recall those games going very well, and after some research, I'm right.  He went 0-3 with loses to the Giants, Braves, and Brewers.  Kershaw blanked the Giants 1-0 two years ago, and only lasted three innings of an eventual Dodgers' win over the Padres last year because of the flu.

Even with the acquisition of Zack Greinke, a former Cy Young Award winner with the Royals, there really was never any doubt that this is still Kersahw's team.  He's the guy who wants the ball in the big spots, and busts his butt to be the best in the world every fifth day.  Even Greinke can agree with that.

On a lesser note, Kershaw will also make the first start of the spring, as he takes on the White Sox on February 23.

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