Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jones out with tear in right knee

An MRI revealed today that Andruw Jones has a slight cartilage tear in his right knee, which will sideline him for the time being. They will now wait a few days before deciding if surgery is necessary, which will then shelve him for 4-5 weeks.

I know most people will be glad to see him out of the lineup, but I'm not going to be sick enough to celebrate someone being hurt. No matter how he's hitting, it's not a good thing. A knee injury is nothing to be happy about.

The next question is whether or not this injury has caused him to play so poorly this season. Who knows what the answer is. I would think his weak play has much more to do with coming into the season out of shape and from a mysterious loss of power (hmm...) and the knee only adds to it.

The positive to the mess that is Andruw Jones this season is that Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Juan Pierre will now be the main men in the outfield. Kemp is hitting .320 with 27 RBI, Ethier .291 with 18 RBI, and Pierre .286 with 17 SB. I know the thought of Pierre playing everyday will be a scary thought to most people, but I was just saying to another Dodger fan today how I like this year's Pierre better than last. He's stealing bases like usual, but the biggest difference is how OBP: .361 this year, .331 last. That's a big improvement that needs to stay the same.

As far as Jones, who knows... maybe some rest and rehab will do wonders for him. Hey, I can be optimistic.

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